Indonesia Famous Foods in the World

Not only has the tropical beauty and spectacular sights, Indonesia also has a special food that is already widely known in foreign countries. Surely we should be proud as an Indonesian citizen with the achievement.
In other countries, Indonesian food is considered very tasty and very rare in this part of any country. Even foreign tourists are willing to come to Indonesia just to taste different kinds of food typical of Indonesia.
The following 7 Indonesian food whose name has been worldwide and highly favored by foreigners.
1. Sate
Generally satay made from beef, chicken or goat, which was then cut into small pieces, and the most favorite is chicken satay. After that stabbed with rods made of bamboo skewers and roasted over charcoal embers. Usually the spices used are peanut and soy sauce.
Some Indonesian people who live abroad even sell typical Indonesian satay. And not half-hearted, typical Indonesian satay is highly in demand in other countries.
2. Meatballs
The first is already global food is meatballs. Strangers call meatball meatballs as for meatballs made from a mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour is then formed into a round.
Usually most meatball sellers came from Java, but not only in Java in every region anywhere now not hard to find meatballs.
3. Fried Rice
Maybe everyone thought that the fried rice is already famous around the world. But you know that the fried rice is a typical Indonesian food? Yes maybe some people will not believe it, but the fried rice made in Indonesia is already famous in foreign countries.
Fried rice can also be made easily according to the tastes of the maker, besides the price is also very affordable.
4. Soto
Who is not familiar with Indonesian food this one Soto. Food made from meat and vegetable broth does have a savory taste. Also in some areas has its own soup creations, such as soto Madura, soto Bandung, soto Betawi, soto Kediri and many other areas.
Soto name is already famous worldwide and been broadcast live on television Telemadrid in Buenos das Madrid program.
5. Miscellaneous
Making hodgepodge very simple: by boiling various kinds of vegetables and then assembled with peanut sauce seasoning on it. It would be more delicious when served with rice or rice cakes and crackers.
Gado-gado is itself a genuine food from Indonesia who had won an international food festival.
6. Gudeg
Gudeg is a typical food people of Yogyakarta and Central Java, whose name also is worldwide. Gudeg made of young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk and then added with rice, meat and eggs.
Which makes gudeg very popular in the world, because of the tourists who come to Yogyakarta really liked this typical food.
7. Rendang
Taste delicious, spicy rendang is a characteristic originating from the Minangkabau. Rendang has the basic ingredients of meat usually beef. Which is then processed with typical spices and spicy. The savory aroma and taste that make rendang as Indonesian food was ranked 11 out of 50 most delicious dishes in the world.