Samples, and Other Effective Marketing Tips for Ice Cream Shops

When you own an ice cream shop, you need to do as much as you can to get customers inside, especially if the store is small. Offer free samples of the products that you have so that customers can get an idea for the consistency of the ice cream and the flavors that you have. Tasting spoons are the ideal size for offering samples as they are smaller than a typical spoon.
guerilla-marketing-examples Another idea is to offer custom printed cups that feature a coupon for a future order or details about a new flavor that you’re going to be selling. You can save money on advertising with these cups instead of getting large banners that are displayed on the walls or signs that are put outside the store. You can change the colors of the cups and the messages on them throughout the year to coordinate with the seasons.

Gelato Products also suggests a simple loyalty program. Simply have the customer save a portion of the cup (or mark a card on purchase), and bring that proof back after a certain threshold has been reached. This way, customers keep coming back and get a delicious freebie for their loyalty.

 Consider using colored plastic spoons with each ice cream flavor. The matching spoon will indicate the kind of ice cream that customers enjoy the most. This will give you an idea as to the flavors that you might want to try, such as a sweeter flavor that blends with chocolate or a fruity flavor that pairs well with vanilla or cherry. You can also offer a discount to customers who put their spoons in a cup so that you can easily see what flavor sells more than others.